I just learned this term: BLOOKS, which are objects made in the emulation of books, but not quite books with pages and words and pictures inside.

I’ve relished reading and listening to stories for as long as I can remember. I gravitate to installation artists who work in a narrative vein, such as Rebecca Horn, Ann Hamilton, and Juan Muños. I’m also influenced by architectural models, dollhouses, Duchamp’s “Box in a Valise,” and Cornell’s constructions. These works are often miniature period rooms that exist inside objects, such as reproductions of entire libraries within standard-sized furniture. I begin pieces by writing essays and stream of consciousness texts, which are sometimes written as a part of the books within books.

I start with a book and change it a bit. I try to retain the "bookness", but sometimes they have to be deconstructed fully and put back together as something else. I suppose its a form of play.